Friday, July 4

Anakati-a small hill station.

Anakati is a small hill station in Tmailnadu, bordering Kerala. It is just 27 KMs from Coimbatore.

I visited this place a few days ago. I along with my brother went on his small two wheeler and we took about an hour to reach the place. The journey was absolutely refreshing and the ride through the dense forest on the ghat road was cool and refreshing.

I wonder why people take pains to go to Ooty or Kodaikanal as this place provides all the adventure you expect in a hill station. I saw some very rare birds en route and even Salim Ali, the famous arnithologist has established a center for watching birds in the forest.

The silence in the forest just great and I heard nothing-not even the sound of insects could be heard.

God lives there in his abundance.

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