Monday, May 15

A micro nation in the making.

Written by Duncan Campbell for Guarian News, this article appeared in the "The Hindu" dated 14th May 2006.

"Artist calims sovereignty of new Arctic island".

" Nymark, situated in the Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic, was discovered by London artist Alex Hartley in 2004, when he was part of an expedition of scientists and artists collaborating on a project on global warming.

With the melting of ice, previously hidden prehistoric rocks started to emerge and the protuberance spotted by Hartley.

This island is about the size and shape of football pitch is being claimed by Hatley since he says he landed on it.

When he started exploring the possibility of getting micro nation status, he applied to the U.N.
The Norwegian Govt challenged his sovereignty claim."

Article source: The Hindu

Quite an interesting news really-is it not?

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