Monday, May 8

Do you know wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a Web-based, free-content encyclopedia written collaboratively by volunteers and sponsored by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. This site's contents are written collaboratively by contributors around the world.

It has editions in roughly 200 different languages (about 100 of which are active) and contains entries both on traditional encyclopedic topics and on almanac, gazetteer, and current events topics. Its purpose is to create and distribute a free international encyclopedia in as many languages as possible.

This formally began on 15 January 2001 as a complement to the similar, but expert-written, Nupedia project.

It has since replaced Nupedia, growing to become a large global project. As of 2006, it includes millions of articles and pages worldwide, and content from hundreds of thousands of contributors.

Wikipedia's Sister projects:

Wikitionary wikibooks wikinews wikisource wikispecies wikiquote commons meta-wiki.

Wikipedia:Signpost (Shortcut: WP:SIGN, RSS).The community newspaper of this encyclopedia.

Wikipedia:Announcements (Shortcut: WP:A, RSS).Important announcements related to Wikipedia.

Wikipedia:Village pump (news).The news section of the village pump is used for news or updates that are expected to require public discussion.

Wikipedia in the media.Mentions of Wikipedia as a topic unto itself and as a reference resource. Weekly news bulletin about the Wikimedia community sent by e-mail to the announce-l mailing list

Wikimedia News.Cross-project news, primarily project milestones.

Wikimedia goings-on.More cross-project news.

Wikimedia Foundation news.News about the Wikimedia Foundation, the international non-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of various Wikimedia Projects.

Readers, if you would like to know more on anything specific, post a comment or email me. It is my pleasure to look for it and present it to you. I also gain a new knowledge. In fact I should be gratified to you for giving me an opportunity to learn.


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