Sunday, November 30

I dreamed of Meerkats.

---> Meerkat

The dream was a bit vague really. I think there were Meerkats on my dining table of all the places. Before I entered the kitchen, I thought I heard a different sound. Was it the barking sound of a Meerkat? Did I watch an episode in "The Animal Planet" recently?

Then why the Meerkat of all the animals?

Hey, do you know why the Meerkats stand on two legs most of the time? To threaten the predators they stretch their legs, arching their bodies, and holding their tails stiffly erect. Once this is done, the entire group continually leaps into the air and growls aggressively.

Do you know that Meerkats prey on snakes too as they are immune to the poison from a snake or a scorpion?

Thank you Reader's Digest!

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