Monday, November 17

Do you know Bugun Liocichla,?

Hi hi, tough pronouncing the name-eh? I wonder how the bird calls?

This beautifully colored bird named 'Bugun Liocichla", is said to a rare species found in India. A rare discovery of a new species of bird in 50 years.

Who discovered and where?
It was spotted in May in the remote Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary in India's northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh near the border with China. Ramana Athreya who discovered the bird named it after the Bugun tribe, which lives in the area.

My husband, a bird watcher used to tell me about North Eastern India is abundant with beautiful birds. Has this bird species discover been recognized and recoded? I know such are usually ignored by an amateur bird watcher.

"Birdlife International, a global alliance of conservation organizations, described it on its Web site as the most sensational ornithological discovery in India for more than half a century."


Image courtesy: Wikipedia

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