Friday, November 21

Do you know Marie-Therese Walter?

It is hard to guess mate, so give up. Marie-Therese Walter was Pablo Picasso’s mistress. Of course none of us, who are not contemporaries of Picasso, could have seen her. But I wonder what the artist has seen in her!

One of the most talked about Las Vegas Shows in recent times offers an opportunity for all of us to see her in a painting. This master piece art work depicts her sleeping in a chair. I hope I have kindled your curiosity.

The show is named “Le Reve” and getting tickets for this show is a Herculean task. But you are in luck. If you visit, you can buy your ticket well in advance.

The entire 70 minute show is said to be sensual under dream settings. The tickets are offered at great competitive prices as have negotiated exclusive rates directly with the individual shows.

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