Tuesday, December 18

See with Public Eye.

I have no intention of sharpening my criticism skill because I never criticize-ha,ha,ha.

But I love reading news stories or blogs that are exclusively devoted to criticize and man, do they do that sharply!

I like reading Public Eye. Do you know what the CBS news says about Public Eye?
"Public Eye tries to make CBS News more transparent and accountable to readers and viewers. Public Eye is where CBS News argues with itself".

But to my disappointment, they cover more of politics and that is not my cup of tea. I love humorous touch in anything that I read. Why, even the drab political news can be written with satirical humor.

Did you read this?
"The esteemed and established 150 year-old Atlantic Monthly magazine is no longer.
Nonono, it’s not going anywhere. It’s just changing its name because from now on it is going to be only 10 issues a year and the 'monthly' tag is dropped.

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