Tuesday, December 4

Have you stirred up?

Rather I should ask, "Do you know 'Stirrd up'?

Stirrd up is an interesting web site with full of latest news and stories submitted by users like you and I.

It offers a widget for our blogs. The widget can be configured so as to display the latest stories or it can contain news from your favorite contributor.

The widget adjusts its size automatically in your blog or website and they say it can even match the existing colors. The Java script must have been made by wizkid.

I like what they say about themselves.
"Stirrdup is a social news community built around the idea that controversy is fun, censorship is awful, and the most interesting stories make you want to talk, debate, and even get a little angry". (Smile)

I noticed some very good stuff in it. But some of the publishings are found under improper categories.

Pay them a visit now. I know you will like it.

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