Tuesday, December 4

Mitsubishi HDTV delivers…

“A television is just a television, what is there in choosing a particular brand?”-my husband shouted at my son who is not very young to take such admonition. He is a final year engineering student and knows what he wants.

And he wants a mitsubishi HDTV for his room. Even I too wanted to conform to my husband but refrained from antagonizing my son.

My husband finally gave in to my threatening look but made one condition; he will not buy a big one. We agreed. Then he went about searching for the best dealer in our area with the help of niche search engine Krillion.

Krillion local search results provide the most accurate local shopping results available on the web for consumers looking for products and where to buy. Its comprehensive product, pricing and location information helps buyers find the exact TV they want at the retailers nearest them.

It seems mitsubishi HDTV delivers over two million pixels, producing razor-sharp images. No wonder my demanded it.

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