Monday, August 7

Find out your website’s worth in U.S. dollars.

Ok, we have done everything we can do to promote our website or blog.

  • Our website or blog is already indexed by major search engines like google, yahoo, MSN, technorati etc.
  • We have submitted our website in at least 25 web directories.
  • We are satisfied with the present backlinks.
  • Achieved a PR3 and above.
  • Witnessing about 3000 to 5000 visitors every month.

Now if we can find out website’s or blog’s worth in terms of hard currency like US$, wouldn’t that be a big morale booster?

That will give us a definite indication that our efforts are correct and we can be an useful guide to the overall internet community.

Ok, here it is, check out your website’s or blog’s worth in US$ now.

How are the values of the websites calculated?

I quote from their website:

“The valuations are based on backlinks only.

The results are based on backlink totals culled from Yahoo's API. Check their SiteExplorer page to see your backlink totals. Feel free to sell your website for much than the tool indicates its worth.”

Won’t you confess this tool is absolutely fantastic?

Acknowledgement with sincere gratitude to: Scootle web directory

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