Monday, August 14

Do you know you can talk to your website visitor live.

Many of you might have purchased a tracking tool.

It gives statistics like the number of visitors, date and time, location and so on.

But you always see the past.

Have you wanted to catch the visitor to your website red handed when he/she is currently on your website?

With this tool, you can literally chat with the visitor when he/she is browsing your website.

Create a free account with meebo me

Insert the given script on your website wherever you want it.

It allows people to contact you and see when you’re online whenever they visit your site through the meebo me chat window.

When logged into meebo, you can chat with all of your visitors in real time and access your favorite IM networks (MSN, AIM, Yahoo, gtalk,jabber) as well, all in one place.

A very useful widget-isn't?


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