Thursday, August 24

Essential tips for a webdirectory owner.

As a directory owner, I am intrigued by so many SEO advises and different opinions about the value of PR.

Sleepless nights and long working hours made me ask myself one question repeatedly, ‘Is operating a directory worth the trouble?’

I am hungry for knowledge and possess a fierce determination to achieve satisfaction on my effort. Still, reading so many forums and stuffing me with myriad tips and strategies for running a successful web directory left me drained for the last week.

One area I thought I am good at, is, editing the submissions. I have laid out very clear submission guidelines and am following it (almost) to the letter. But no, here also I have a lot to learn.

I happened to stumble on a blog where I read about some important points while editing submissions.

I reproduce below a small paragraph from it:
“A directory owner should not allow keyword anchor text in the Title Area. If the directory becomes popular, there could be hundreds to thousands of “Web Hosting” Title tags. Searching the directory for “Web Hosting” would display thousands of results with the same title tag, making it nearly impossible to distinguish all the sites.”

I think this is a very valid parameter while editing. This can also be a lesson for webmasters of directories.

This blog has some more useful information for directory owners.
If you like it, bookmark it and share it with others.

ps: he owns two good looking web directories.

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