Tuesday, September 25

The leading website for Kids.

Kiddonet is the leading website for kids in the U.S. today. This site is promoted the owners of Girlsense.com.

Children between 7 to 12 can enjoy kiddonet.com that offers fun filled games. This website offers what parents can't or won't offer. There are no restraints here for kids to express themselves, play online with others, learn something new. In short, kids offered a cyber space of their own and allow them to let loose their imagination.

They can build a home page with the Home Page Composer;
Make and send electronic greeting cards;
Linger in the Art Zone and create an art using the Graffiti board, Gel Sparks, Smudger, and Mosaic, and have your creations posted on the web;
Play games online;
Solve mysteries;
Learn about animals and birds.

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