Tuesday, September 25

Do you know yample?

Yample, is the social bookmarking website with a few attractive features that make our work easier and productive.

The main theme of Yample is to allow you to let others in the Yample community know what is happening in your locality. With just a click you can add to Yample what's going on in your area, who is blogging what and where and so on.

Yample uses the Social Bookmarking model to collectively aggregate websites that features things of your local area.

I used to miss a few important functions in a few social bookmarking sites and I wondered why they have not thought of the said functions. Surely, the concerned webmasters would have visited several other players in the same field and studied how they operate.

Like other social bookmarking websites, we can add, store, discover and share our bookmarks online, and access these bookmarks from any computer.

For example, there must be a facility to filter our own bookmarks to locate exactly what we are looking for in quickly. The filters can be date, categories and subcategories etc. This is available in Yample.com

One can also save bookmarks saved by strangers within Yample community. There’s also thumbnail display listings for previewing the original source, and also a new larger map option for bookmark details, letting you search within the selected area.

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