Saturday, April 24

The biggest flower probably.

An article that I read just a few minutes ago piqued my interest as I am avid knowledge seeker about flowers. The article mentioned about a flower called 'Poinsettia'. If you can spot the 'Poinsettia' flower in the jungles, you will be amazed to see its broad leaves that are said to measure 8 inches across.

Hmmm... that is really big. It is reported to have reached a height of 12 feet!

So I looked up in the Internet for 'Poinsettia' flower hoping to see it for the first time but what I saw in Yahoo! took me by surprise. I have seen Poinsettia already! I forgot its Tamil name but I am sure I have seen it before.

The vivid red color is taken off by the manufacturers of dyes. The flower is known with different names in different regions. For example, it is called as the 'Crown of the Andes' in Chile.

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