Thursday, May 28

Do you know Paleo Eskimo?

Recently I watched an ad for a mobile phone that featured Eskimos.

Greenland was home to a number of Paleo-Eskimo cultures in prehistory, the latest of which disappeared around the year 200 AD. Hereafter, the island seems to have been uninhabited for some eight centuries.

I think I was in my 5th standard when I first studied about Eskimos and their amazing huts. From that time onwards, I wanted meet an Eskimo in person but that is impossible in this hot Madras.

So, I was fascinated to watch Eskimos on the television advertisement but are they real or just made up?

Whatever it may be, I enjoyed the advertisement.

Do you know Paleo Eskimo?

Saturday, May 23

Wikimedia merchandise in Cafe Press.

Very cute-eh? Where it is available?
Where else than Cafe Press. It is one huge store for corporate gifts. Now, you can find wikimedia store too.

Finally, Wiki fans, you’re in luck. The Wikimedia Store on CafePress is open for business.

I used to be an active member in Cafe Press and in fact lined up a few goods there but I gotten busy with mt blogging e-course.

Show your support for free and open culture by purchasing shirts, posters, mugs, mouse pads and messenger bags bearing the logos of your favorite Wikimedia projects.

There is more, much to the wikimedia merchandise in Cafe Press.

Wednesday, May 20

Why spend money before you make money?

If you think you had had enough of investing that yielded no returns, how about this business idea?

The rare coin business involves buying and selling rare coins.

Wait! You don’t buy it actually. Go to also known as Monaco Rare Coin that is a part of the Monex family of companies, a trusted leader in precious metals and rare coins for nearly 40 years.

Learn the nuances of rare coin market. Study what is available for sale and who are ready to buy what?

Use this information and be a middle man.

You can bank on Monaco Rare Coin. They offer a unique, vast and impressive array of resources for investors and collectors alike.

You can rely on Monaco’s established two-way buy-and-sell market for rare coins and precious metals products.

Monday, May 18

How Afghanistan protects itself from Swine flu?

There is only one known pig in Afghanistan and it is now safely quarantined. Visitors to the zoo may miss that pig as pig is still a curiosity in Afghanistan.

Pig is not eaten in Afghanistan; it is against their religion. Thus Afghans are very safe from this Swine flu disease which has caused quite a flutter in the world so far.

We read so many reports of Swine fly victims daily. WE also read about the various safety measures adopted by several countries.

Worldwide, more than 1,000 people have been infected with the virus, according to the World Health Organization, which also says 26 people have so far died from the strain.

Do you know that Mexico is the epicenter of this killer disease and so far only one death has occurred in Mexico because of Swine flu?


Wednesday, May 13

The shy Chinese don't say ‘I Love You Mom’

Every mom in the world expected an expression of love from her offspring occasionally if not often- There is no exception to this universal expectation-right?

Here is an odd thing. I am sorry to tell you about this with Mothers Day behind us only 3 days before.

In China, both the mother and her children are too shy to say “I Love you” to each other. India too should rank along with China.

Though 67% of those responding to an online survey said that they would give their mother a gift to mark the day, only 25% said that they would verbally express that love to their mothers on the blessed day. And while that number may seem low, it’s not a reflection of less love - just less love expressed in language.

Many of the 6,000 responding to the online poll from said that they were “too shy” to tell their mothers how they felt.

Weird Asia News

Friday, May 8

Roman public baths in the heart of Paris.

The Roman public paths are placed in the heart of Paris, at the intersection of the Boulevard St. Michel and the Boulevard St. Germain.

But, don’t be prepared to take a bath there. It was a ‘once spot’. This spot was once the site of Roman public baths, a place of leisure for local residents in the first to third century A.D.

These archelogical discoveries are not mere history dear. They tell you many tales. The culture, belief, public welfare practices by the rulers, plumbing and fixtures, privacy-so many things can be learnt from ancient civilization when brought into contemporary world in reality.


Tuesday, May 5

Do you know weeping fig?

Very interesting piece of information here.

Weeping fig that is also known as Benjamin plant is one of the most poisonous plants in the world. Its leaves when touched will cause itching on your skin. Invariably, you will have to contact your doctor because, you will be alarmed at the inflammation on your skin.

Surprisingly, this is grown as house plant in pots and tubs. This is mainly grown in warm climate ares. This ficus can't stand cold.

What a plant!

Friday, May 1

Do you know Brown Bear?

We all know black bear and white polar bear. But have you heard of Brown Bear? Where can they be seen?

They can be seen in plenty at Katmai National Park, at he base of Alaskan mountains. It is one of the brown bear viewing areas in the world.

There is a place called "Brooks Falls" there where these brown bears come to feed sockeye salmon. As usual, viewers are requested not to disturb the wild animals and they are allowed to view the brown bear from a viewing platform only.

These bears weigh up to 700 KG and they also eat vegetation though their favorite dish is fish and especially Salmon.

Images are taken from Google Images.

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