Wednesday, May 13

The shy Chinese don't say ‘I Love You Mom’

Every mom in the world expected an expression of love from her offspring occasionally if not often- There is no exception to this universal expectation-right?

Here is an odd thing. I am sorry to tell you about this with Mothers Day behind us only 3 days before.

In China, both the mother and her children are too shy to say “I Love you” to each other. India too should rank along with China.

Though 67% of those responding to an online survey said that they would give their mother a gift to mark the day, only 25% said that they would verbally express that love to their mothers on the blessed day. And while that number may seem low, it’s not a reflection of less love - just less love expressed in language.

Many of the 6,000 responding to the online poll from said that they were “too shy” to tell their mothers how they felt.

Weird Asia News

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