Thursday, October 22

Strange beliefs about silver coins.

Some of the weird beliefs of people with a silver coin are amazing.
* A silver coin is placed at the mast of a ship for good luck
* A silver coin kept in the rice storing containers will keep the container full always
* A silver coin worn around a child’s waist will ward of evil spirits

But I have a different but more common belief. For me, a silver coin is an asset that can be liquidated in times of cash crunch.

I even thought of buying rare silver coins for investment purposes with the assistance of Monaco Rare Coins who has extraordinary resources about buying, validating and selling rare coins.

Monaco Rare Coins know the rare coins market pulse and they have established wide dealer network across the world. They can help anyone who aspires to trade in rare coins.

But somehow, I resisted the temptation to buy rare silver coins but I have bought a few rare copper coins and still hold them, expecting to reap big profits.

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