Sunday, August 23

Do you know the Island of Women?

Not everyone knows where the Island Of Women is but everyone knows where Isla Mujeres is. Ha, ha, both are same buddy and it is located in Cancun, Mexico.

No further information is revealed to me as I came to know about this cute little island only when I left Cancun with a heavy heart. People who have gone there would know what I mean.

The rather costly romantic vacation riviera maya ended sooner than I thought. The four days flew like four hours. It was a life time fascinating experience for my family. The all inclusive stay at Karisma Hotel beach resort was heady.

The service and the gourmet food were more intoxicating than the occasional Mexican tequila we had. We stayed at the El Dorado Royale Resort – and it was everything royal there-the Casita suites, giant Jacuzzi, artificial river leading to a swimming pool-all were beyond our expectation.

I hope I didn’t miss much by not going to the Island of Women.

Tempted already? For more information, please contact Pamela Johnston at or Amanda Deveaux at or call 212-629-8445.

Isla Mujeres by Google images

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