Saturday, February 21

Scorpions won't commit suicide.

While most of the snakes are not carrying venom in theirs tongs, all the known (1300 ) species of scorpion are said to be poisonous.

Isn't it strange?

We are afraid of anything that slithers in front of us or when we notice the slithering movement out of the corner of our eyes. Somehow our eyes catch the movement of snakes or any reptiles for that matter.

Scorpion's venom is invariably not lethal but their sting can cause spasms. Victims scream with pain and it is a sad sight. Scorpions are mostly seen in villages where houses have no pucca roof; they either have thatched roof or tiled roof where scorpions hide.

There is a particular scorpion (see picture) whose sting is believed to cause death. We call it 'Karunthel' in Tamil, meaning 'black scorpion'.

There is a mystic belief that scorpion sting themselves to commit suicide. It is wrong! Their venom on their own body is ineffective.

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  1. How can you shooted this pic?its very dangerous u know.
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