Tuesday, April 29

Do you know yoga balls?

Well, these are called yoga balls or balance balls.

They are made to take in 600lbs of pressure, so one never need to worry if their weight will cause damage to the colorful balls.

These yoga balls also known as Swiss Balls, Physio Balls, Exercise balls or PE Balls, are used in Yoga, Pilates, and fusion exercise programs to strengthen and firm abs, back and buttocks. Made from durable vinyl, they are designed to support up to 600lbs of pressure. The balls are easily inflated with the included foot pump.

A trivia for you:
Swiss Ball was developed in 1963 by Aquilino Cosani, an Italian plastics manufacturer.

Saturday, April 26

Do you know Dov Davidoff?

I have not heard of Dov Davidoff till a few minutes ago. But he is reported to be the hottest search in the Google yesterday by Google Trends.

Dov Davidoff is an American comedian. In addition to performing regularly in clubs and colleges throughout the country, Davidoff has been seen as an actor in the hit movie “Invincible” with Mark Wahlberg, and on any number of TV shows, ..(wikipedia) .

At 7 PM (PDT), Dov peaked the Google hot trends.

Let me see if I can come up something else about Dov Davidoff.

Hey, he is has a website man; http://www.dovdavidoff.com/
Here is an image of him taken from Google Images.

But I can't find the reason for him to be in hot trends; any idea folks?

My favorite English comedy actors are Peter Sellers, David Niven and Terrance Hill.

Thursday, April 24

Most visited beach by the sharks.

My generation people would remember the horror movie 'The Jaws" almost three decades ago. I don't know how many enjoyed the movie thoroughly but I was terrified. So the director and the graphics artists did an excellent job!

Given an opportunity, I don't mind seeing it again. I think I won't be afraid anymore to see something on the screen; after all, they are only shadows.

I happen to read a news story in Yahoo today regarding the beaches that are favorites of the killer sharks.
New Smyrna Beach in Volusia County, Fla., is the shark-attack capital of the world, according to a database called the International Shark Attack File.

Is it so?

Tuesday, April 22

One more excuse please!

Read this joke about the greatest excuse of all times:

A 6 year old child girl child returns home by afternoon. The surprised mother asked her why did she come home early; on what excuse?

The child replied that she asked permission to go home because she has got a new born brother.
The mother then asked the child, "And what did your miss say for the twins"?

The child replied with a sense of pride that she did not reveal to her miss that she got a twin brother because she wanted another excuse for a half day holiday and she kept the other baby
for next week.

Want some more cool excuses. Head straight to Excuse List.

A sample:
Excuse my daughter for being absent for three weeks. She's going to have a baby.

Image from Google Images.

Saturday, April 19

Do you know Bottle watch?

Bottle watch is a niche web site on beers, beers and beers. I deliberately mentioned the beers thrice to denote Wheat Beer, Amber Beer and Blonde Ale.

I am sorry, I have only seen the regular Amber beer and the rest is only from a borrowed knowledge.

Steve Johnson, the webmaster of Bottle watch says that Bottle Watch reports on the newest wines, spirits, beers and other alcoholic beverages entering the marketplace.

I wonder from where he gathers all those information! Man, it is mind boggling. Is it possible that he had tasted all the beers he wrote about? (smile)

I will ask my husband to collaborate with Steve. My husband is a lover of beer and he sure could use a few free samples.(smile)

Snow Cap is a rich, full-bodied ale crafted in the British tradition of holiday beers.

Thursday, April 17

Trees grow bags?

We all have seen the dangerous plastic bags on trees, lamp post and what not! Do those trees grow bags?

Just kidding!

But one thing is sure; they do look ugly definitely, aren't they? Is there a way to remove them?

But there is a blogger who sees beauty in these precariously perched plastic bags. He goes around the city of Baltimore (he lives there?) with a camera in his hand taking photographs of them and posting them on his blog.

The picture you see here in one such photo he has taken.

This is what he says about Bags in Trees: "Bagsintrees.com is a website dedicated to showcasing the beauty of the omnipresent plastic accessories that adorn the trees of Baltimore, MD"

Tuesday, April 15

Following river Nile.

Foe me, the most interesting and engrossing thing to do is to follow the trails of rivers. This will reveal to me unexplored and unvisited geography. Miles of solitude and silence is the best thing that can happen to me.

I was following the river Nile, Africa's enigmatic river and Egypt's two headed pride. Haven't we all read about the sorrow of Egypt whenever the river Nile simply yielded to the nature's whims?

Nile was the most important mode of transport in ancient times to carry the agricultural products to various parts of Egypt.

The rise and fall of the Nile's life-giving waters inspired the ancient Egyptians to view it as a cycle of death and rebirth. It is a known historic fact that the ancient Egyptian civilization thrived on the shores of Nile like many civilizations in the world evolved on the banks of rivers.

Image: Google images.

Saturday, April 12

Swan on a song.

So, what do you make of this stunning picture; the flight of the bird or the eyes of the person who captured this breath taking image in the eyes of his camera?

I would choose the later. And I thank him profoundly for this image will give me happiness whenever I look at it.

My husband used to be good at spotting these kinds of rare sights but we don't have a camera.

But so what? We have the eyes of the world.

Image: Flickr.
This photo was made by a Diamond Class Photographer!

ps: BTW, is it a flamingo or a swan?

Wednesday, April 9

Do you know Ameriplan?

The word Ameriplan must have been seen by millions of bloggers and webmasters several times. A new comer to the internet is sure to encounter the word Ameriplan in just a few days.

The high energy marketing of Ameriplan is the fundamental reason for the success and popularity of their dental plans among the U.S. citizens.

I was once told by a relative of mine in the U.S. that Ameriplan is perhaps the most popular dental plan that Americans have ever witnessed.

Their discount dental and vision care is totally sincere and their outreach is something that is beyond measure. They offer now a total health plan that takes care of our various medical needs that include hospital expenses, medicine cost etc.

This plan for the entire family is priced at an affordable $59.95 only.

Monday, April 7

Milk meeting coffee.

I am 48 now. Since the age of 12, I have been making coffee for my family. That would be over 13,000 times I would have made coffee in my life so far.

After seeing a few photographs of milk meeting coffee, I realized that I have been making coffee very mechanically and never truly enjoyed the making of coffee.

I remember seeing in a film how spilled food on a table would be converted into a great art. And as per film's script, that art work would be photographed, uploaded in a computer and sold to someone in the internet.

Saturday, April 5

Do you know the steepest roller coaster?

This wooden roller coaster is in Everland Park amusement park in South Korea. The T-Express roller coaster is said to give you the steepest drop in the world.

Roller coaster rides are always enjoyable but not for all. I am one the 'All'.smile

Every amusement park in the world, big or small park will have at least one roller coaster. Even those who show bravery to take up a ride will beam with pride when the roller coaster comes to a stop after giving a scary spin.

Watch a video of the T-Express. But it is not all that clear.

For those who have an inquisitive mind, roller coaster works on the principles of centripetal force.

History of Roller Coaster:
It is always interesting to know the ancestor for any sport or entertainment. The direct ancestors of roller coasters were monumental ice slides -- long, steep woo­den­ slides covered in ice, some as high as 70 feet -- that were popular in Russia in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Thursday, April 3

Rabbits hate this sauce!

Rabbits and other garden predators such deer hate this hot sauce when sprayed on your garden.

This is definitely not a pesticide sort of chemical because this sauce is a wonderful addition to your dining table too.

You eat the carrots on your table and still keep the rabbits away. And deer too!

Buy this product from Dave's Store for just $6.00

I am trying to find reviews for this product because the Dave's Store is lacking on product information.

If you have used this product already, please leave your feedback as a comment.

Wednesday, April 2

Do you know Video Conferencing?

A videoconference as the name suggests is a conference between people from different locations and these people see each other virtually on a digital screen.

One of the unique uses in videoconferencing is it has allowed testimony to be used for individuals who are not able to attend the physical legal settings. Of course, business people setup a video conference, political leaders and even medical professionals have embraced this technology.

The VoIP technology is roped in nowadays for video conferencing. But those who are yet to use this technology are said to lag behind. Many are under assumption that VoIP is a costly affair. But it is not so.

Nimbus VoIP reduces upfront cost by eliminating the capital expenditures that come from buying and maintaining traditional PBX phone systems as well as the service contracts or labor charges

There are more advantages using VoIP Phone Systems than the cost. Included with Nimbus VoIP is unlimited US calling and free dialing to any other Nimbus VoIP phone in the world!

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