Monday, August 25

Do you know parahumans?

Kamadhenu along with Shiva and Parvathi (in th...Image via Wikipedia
Indians won't be surprised about mention of parahumans in any literature. Indian mythology is abundant with stories of parahuman characters. Even God is depicted as a parahuman (paraGod?) with a human head in an animal body.

There is the legends of Lord Narashimah, the sacred cow Kamadhenu (picture at the right) etc are examples of parahuman characters.

Now those mythological mentions have entered the realm of reality. Efforts to combine genes from different species for medical and industrial purposes are now fairly common. Though such research could prove useful for the production of drugs and transplant-ready organs, it has raised numerous ethical, moral, and legal issues.

Nevertheless, British scientists plan to create hybrid embryos by injecting human DNA into the ova of what animal?

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