Saturday, May 31

Giant web completely cocoons 10ft high bush.

Have you ever seen a web spun by a caterpillar? No, I have not seen it either.

Here is a web spun by caterpillars that almost covered a 10 ft high bush. This strange sight is attracting thousands of people.

The web spinning is started by thousands of caterpillars all at the same time. This world wonder is seen on a hawthorn bush on the side of a country lane near Gloucester.

Do you know that caterpillars feed on hawthorn and cheery trees and this web is woven to protect themselves from predators?

What is amazing is the fact that within weeks, a tree can be completely stripped of its leaves by the thousands of writhing caterpillars - in webs which can quickly grow to 30 square feet.

Safe from predatory birds and wasps, they also pupate in the web, spinning themselves a hard cocoon where they stay until emerging as moths.

Source: Daily Mail

Thursday, May 29

Enjoy this video clip.

I thought for once, am not going to write post that links to somewhere else. Enough of reading. Just click the 'Play' button and enjoy a playful dog and teasing cat.

I watched this video clip thrice in a row. I appreciated the bold cat that was at its teasing best.

Really hilarious video clip. Thank you jokes unlimited.
If you ever come across such funny videos, please drop me a line of alert.

Monday, May 26

Do you know On Deadline?

This blog's purpose is to share rare and odd news, interesting places to see, unique products and so on.

Suppose, you want to read several such blog posts, I want you to head to "On Deadline"-a blog maintained by USA Today.

This is one of my several resources for this blog’s content. Though admit I have not visited USA Today for quite sometime, whenever I return to this site, I realize I have missed a lot of interesting news stories.

I know you too have missed.

Due to time constraints, I am likely not to write here often but that should not deprive you of good times.

So, please visit On Deadline and bookmark it or subscribe to its feed to stay updated.

Thursday, May 22

Sleep with water underneath you.

I have no real intention of making this blog as a travel guide but once in a way, when I come across a worthy place to see or an unusual hotel somewhere in the world, I feel like blogging about it.

Well, please read the title again: “Sleep with water underneath you.”

Won’t you want to know what that is? I did and you are reading this article because of that.

The Switzerland-the dream destination for every Indian because of their chocolates and watches lure us with more than that. It is considered to be the most scenic place in the world and their hotel service is the best in the world.

Where can you experience the night view of the moon shimmering on the lake with the Alps in the distance and the morning sunrise?

Stay at the Hôtel Palafitte that connects the quality tastes of the discerning Swiss, with something a little bit different – rooms built directly over Neuchâtel lake, with private terraces and ladders dipping into the water for guests.

Friday, May 16

Do you know the history of Barbie?

Barbie-the most adorable of all toys that the history has ever seen and recorded is an all time favorite of kids and adults.

Tell me honestly, can you take your eyes off this picture after just a glance?

I was asked by brother's daughter long back abut the history of Barbie. I learnt something about it only today. But I am afraid I can't share my knowledge with my brother's daughter as she is a full grown woman now.

Do you know that the original inspiration for Barbie dolls comes from dolls developed by German propagandists in the late 1930s to impress young girls with the ideal notions of Aryan features? The proportions for Barbie were actually based on those of Eva Braun.

To bring Barbie to America, we must credit Ruth Handler. Another interesting fact about Barbie is the doll's design was inspired by a German doll called Bild Lilli.

Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

Source: Wikipedia

Wednesday, May 14

Can you search by image?

Can you search by image? I very badly want to know!

I have been seeing a huge bird with black belly and rust colored wings with a fairly long black tail. It is definitely bigger than a crow but smaller than an eagle. I want to know its name and I want to find it quickly without having to search among thousands of images of birds.

Is it possible?

This particular bird was first sighted by me way back in 1980 in a small forest. Then after nearly 17 years, again spotted on a country side.

Then, on last Sunday, I spotted it on a farm owned by husband's brother.

Do you know Antoine LeCoultre?

Antoine LeCoultre was a Swiss and known in the world of watches as the inventor of many wonders.

To name a few:

* Invented the Millionometer

* Created the world’s thinnest pocket watch.

I have fallen in love with jaeger lecoultre watch that is as thin as my wrist and it perfectly fits.

Yes, I could afford a jaeger lecoultre at last and it is the most cherished possession in my life so much so that I rarely wear it for fear of wear and tear.

I also want to acquire one for my husband-he would not say ‘No’ to Jaeger Lecoultre Master Compressor watch that has already received a rave review from watch fans and watch collectors.

I have decided to surprise my husband with my intention. I want him to wear only my choice. If I take him to, the number one website for watches, I am sure he will get confused by looking at hundreds of choices that are presented under convenient categories.

My husband is an info maniac; he can’t resist gobbling up news on just about everything. has a dedicated page for news on luxury; I mean news on luxury brands, celebrities’ fashion choices and more.

Monday, May 12

Do you know Scent marketing?

I don't think so! All we do is pick up our wallet and ensure that the plastic cards are safely intact and off we go the mall.

We head straight to the section where our intended purchase goods are stacked, pick up off the shelves in hurry and drop them in the shopping cart and rush to the checking out counter indecently pushing aside a few to stand in the queue first.

We hardly relax, take a few deep breaths to smell what is in store.

Scent marketing is the latest frontier in an advertising landscape that has nearly exhausted the possibilities of auditory and visual marketing. Even stores that sell shoes try to shoo way the fresh smell of leather and perfume the store with other scents that will make us enter their shop.


Friday, May 9

Do you know Blue Ridge Parkway?

See, without ever visiting America, I have gained lots of geographical knowledge about it that my sister, a resident American used to amaze at my knowledge.

Sometimes, she learnt new information about her own surroundings from my conversation.

One of the many scenic drives in the U.S. is the stretch of 469 miles along the Southern Appalachian Mountains and linking two eastern national parks — Virginia's Shenandoah National Park in Virginia and North Carolina's Great Smoky Mountains through the Blue Ridge Parkway.

My sister always tells me that one should visit America during the fall season to see the brilliant fall foliage is in full effect. But Yahoo recommends taking a drive along this breath taking scenic drive even during May to witness the profusion of wildflowers in bloom along the elevated mountainsides.

Courtesy: Google Images

Wednesday, May 7

How may marks of silver?

I was once a paid subscriber to a website that helped me to identify the various hallmarks given to silver. Do you know that there more than 40 different kinds of hallmarks in as many shapes and characters?

I am sure many are not aware of this fact. Most of us don’t even ask the owner of the precious metals shop about the quality of silver or gold we purchase. All we are concerned about the price and appearance of what we buy.

Prior to my subscription, I too was not aware silver hallmarks. There are a few websites that teach us the basic things free of cost. Now I have stopped my subscription because I have bookmarked my source of purchase of precious metals to Monex, the number one dependable precious metals dealer in the U.S.

From Monex, whatever I buy, I don’t take delivery; I request them to arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository.

Monday, May 5

Do you know vegetarian crocodiles?

Vegetarian Crocodiles? This is weird! What can they eat-under water plants?

Hey, this is just a vision-a vision of vegetarian crocodiles that many experienced after eating Stilton Cheese as per the reports of British Cheese Board study-75 percent of the male and 85 percent of the female participants reported seeing odd images such as vegetarian crocodiles and sentient toys not unlike Akira.

I have not heard of this cheese so far. It is not available in India. All we get is some processed cheese from Amul and Britannia.

What is a Stilton Cheese?
Stilton is a cheese of England. It is produced in two varieties: the well-known blue and the lesser-known white. Both have been granted the status of a protected designation of origin by the European Commission. Only cheese produced in the three counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Nottinghamshire – and made according to a strict code – may be called "Stilton".-Source: Wikipedia

So, it it banned for producing odd vision? No, in fact it has its own advantage. Ironically, it gives one a sound sleep that is devoid of nightmare because it is high in the relaxant tryptophan.

Thank you

Friday, May 2

Do you know Wile E. Coyote?

Wile E. Coyote is considered as one of the best inventors of our era.

The cartoon character that will never catch the road runner is simply known as Coyote. Man, am I mad about this greatest cartoon film ever made. Road runner is the favorite of billions of people of all ages.

Here is a character that has been blown up, smashed, electrocuted, run over by a train, truck, a steam roller, cut in half, set on fire, fallen from every known height, been shot out of a cannon, clung to a speeding rocket sled, tied rockets to his back, his shoes, and faced countless other dangers all to attain his goal, catching the Road Runner.

I could very well image or am I thinking so his creativity setting his Brian ablaze with possibilities after possibilities in the cartoon to make you wish the road runner escapes always.

Source: Wikipedia and Inventor spot

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