Thursday, July 5

Do you know Organic Chocolate?

Even I don't know what is organic chocolate. I heard (read) about it only 10 minutes ago. I saw it an ad by Google in one of my blog posts on Chocolate and Blood Pressure.

I searched in Wikipedia and got this information:
Dagoba is an organic brand of high-quality chocolate, founded by Frederick Schilling and based in Ashland, Oregon. The name Dagoba was taken from the Sanskrit word for "Temple".

Hey, this is another strange news-the Sanskrit connection to a chocolate.

Then Google led me to Green and Blacks, who claim to make chocolates from organic cocoa.
Their Green and Black chocolate with mint flavor is said to contain the following ingredients:

Organic Cocoa Mass,
Organic Raw Cane Sugar,
Organic Fat-reduced Cocoa Powder,
Organic Wheat Syrup,
Organic Invert Syrup,
Organic Cocoa Butter,
Organic Alcohol,
Organic Peppermint Oil (0.03%),
Organic Vanilla Extract.

Hmmm... it seems an all organic chocolate really. But how about the taste?

Thank you for the info and image

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